Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Planning ahead some more

Having spent some time at the weekend making sure that things will continue to grow into the autumn I decided to use the idea of forward planning in my school gardening club this week. Forward planning isn't really something that six year olds have to do very often - they tend to leave that to their parents but when it comes to Christmas lists or birthday party then they like to have some input. Still, they understood the basic idea and they understood the need to plan ahead when dealing with things as slow plants.

I find myself cursing when I walk into supermarkets at this time of year to find them selling Christmas cake and mince pies. I think they should hold off at least until after Halloween but a bit of me understands why this happens. It's forward planning - both on the part of the supermarket and on the part of the customers (some of whom presumably buy these things at this time of year). I can hardly criticise as I have already made mincemeat and the preserves I make will be sold to customers at Christmas fares.

So back at gardening club, what were we doing this week? Planting hyacinths for flowering at Christmas! Eek! 2nd week into the new term and we're making Christmas presents! Still, it has to be done now or it just won't work. They need to spend from now until mid December in a cool, dark place such as a cupboard in a garage to be fooled into thinking it's winter then when they come into the warm living room just before Christmas they think spring has sprung and burst into bloom. It works too. This is the 3rd year I've done it.

So, remind me, how many shopping days are there until Christmas...? I don't know either but I'm sure I still have plenty of time to buy my Christmas cake! Actually, once all the jam and chutney are made I'll probably still have time to make a Christmas cake.

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