Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Mother's Day Gardening Club

What a lovely hour I spent this afternoon with my gardening club. With Mother's Day at the end of the week, I had organised for the children to plant up a couple of pansies then decorate the flower pot with some foam shapes and finish it with a decorated label complete with message to mum. This was followed by making a Mother's Day card with a daffodil design on it.

The tasks were completely manageable for this bunch of 4 to 7 year olds and they clearly enjoyed themselves. The end results were pleasing too and I'm sure their mums will be very happy with their gifts and cards. There was a good opportunity for some teaching too - how to pot on plug plants, not to pick wild flowers, how many petals a daffodil has and so on. But what I loved most was that for pretty much the whole hour the children were thinking about their mums and how much they love them!

Make Mother's Day Flowers

You will need:

Pansy or viola plug plants
Multi-purpose potting compost
A clean flowerpot (e.g. 20cm diameter)
Self-adhesive foam shapes (from Baker Ross)
Wooden flower stick (from Baker Ross)
Felt tip pens

1) Fill a flowerpot three quarters full with compost.
2) Carefully plant 2 plug plants in the flowerpot.
3) Brush off any loose compost from the sides of the flowerpot and wash hands. Next decorate the flowerpot with the foam shapes.
4) Decorate the wooden flower stick using the felt tip pens. Include a nice Mother’s Day message such as "Best Mum" or "I Love Mum".
5) Finally, push the wooden stick into the compost next to the pansies.

Make A Daffodil Mother's Day Card

You will need:

A cardboard egg box
Yellow poster paint
A piece of yellow paper
A piece of stiff coloured card
Felt tip pen

1) Cut out a piece of the egg box to make the trumpet of the daffodil and paint it yellow inside and out. Leave to dry completely.
2) Cut out 6 petal shapes from the yellow paper about 5 cm and 1.5 cm wide.
3) Fold the stiff card to make a greeting card and stick or write "Happy Mother’s Day" on it.
4) Glue the yellow paper petal onto the card to form a flower shape.
5) Glue or use a sticky pad to stick the yellow trumpet onto the middle of the flower shape.
6) Use a felt tip to draw on a stem and leaf.

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