Thursday, 5 February 2009

An allotment snowman

It snowed again last night and we woke up to a refreshed winter wonderland. The girls' school closed for the day so straight after breakfast we headed out to trample footprints into the fresh snow. It didn't take long before we had walked on all the snow in the garden so I suggested we went to the allotments instead. We are fortunate that the allotments are on the other side of our garden fence and it is only a matter of 100m to get to the main gate. The gate is locked and all the plot holders have a key but on a day like this there were no other plot holders around so we had all this virgin snow to ourselves!

Fortunately, the girls know the allotments well enough to know which bits are paths and which bits are plots even when covered in snow so they stayed on the paths, running through the snow and thoroughly enjoying themselves.

The great thing about allotments is that there are always plenty of tools and bits and pieces on hand and these proved useful a few minutes later when we set about making a snowman. Firstly, the gardening "helping hands" (usually used for scooping up leaves) were ideal for scrapping the snow into a bit heap for the snowman's body. Then we found a couple of pea sticks for arms, a few stones for eyes and buttons, a flower pot for a hat and bay leaves for ears. I even managed to scramble about under the snow to find a tatty old carrot to use for a nose.

I'm glad my girls enjoy going to the allotment and today was particularly special.

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