Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Cheap daffodils

In the last gardening club I ran before Christmas the children planted up 2 hyacinth bulbs into medium sized black flower pots and decorated them with self-adhesive foam flowers (http://www.littlecraftybugs.co.uk/moredetails.asp?itemid=2838). They made attractive gifts for their parents and we had been organised enough to force the hyacinths so that they would flower for Christmas. As both my girls do gardening club and I made one to show the children what to do, we ended up with 3 pots of hyacinths. And on Boxing Day they started to flower, making a beautiful display. Of course, they went over after about a fortnight and I keep looking at them thinking it was time I emptied them out. Steve suggested I should replace them with something else, such as daffodils but I pointed out that they needed to have been planted months ago.

Then on Sunday we went to Lidl's for our fortnightly restocking of fruit juice and I spotted a man heading to the check out with a box full of growing bulbs. We tracked down the shelf and there we found small pots containing 4 Tete A Tete daffodil bulbs cramed into them being sold for 75p per pot. Perfect! So we grabbed ourselves 3 pots and headed home. When I checked my till receipt later I discovered that the pots had been discounted to 43p each! That afternoon I repotted the daffodils into our flower decorated pots and I'm pleased to report they are showing encouraging signs of grow. So what do you reckon, 10p per bulb and 3p for the compost and pot? Whatever, it was a definite bargain and I'm looking forward to some early spring flowers in my living room in a few days time, whilst snow covers the ground outside.

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