Sunday, 22 February 2009

Holding back

One of the main reasons we bought the house we live in is because the allotments are on the other side of the back garden fence. Compared to many urban views it is not at all bad but mainly it is extremely convenient having an allotment plot that close to the house - like growing the stuff in your own back garden. However, there are occasional drawbacks to such close proximity to the allotment.

Yesterday was a beautiful spring day and I really had the feeling that I wanted to be outside and getting on with things. However, I had been out on the plot earlier in the week and knew the state of the soil. Besides I had things to do in the house. I went into the girls' bedroom to put away the clean laundry and found myself drawn to the window and the view over the allotments. Clearly the weather had had a similar affect on other plot holders and I could see several people out there hard at work. For a moment I had the feeling you get when in an exam hall when everyone around you has heads down, scribbling hard and you are wondering what you're missing.

I studied the busy gardeners. Hmmm... digging up spuds, done that already. Spreading mulch or manure, don't have any of that right now. Digging over a patch of soil, did that in the week and decided the soil was too wet. Sigh of relief. Nonetheless later that day I sowed 72 broad bean seeds in trays and placed them in the cold frame. If the soil had been better I would have been out there like a shot and got them straight in the ground but at least this way I don't feel like I'm only biding time. I just hope that in a fortnight the soil under my cloches will have warmed up and dried out enough that I can transplant the seedlings.

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