Friday, 20 February 2009

Letting of steam on the plot.

I found myself unexpectedly on the allotment this afternoon. It was a beautiful spring like day today and the girls were bored with playing indoors. So after lunch I suggested we went round to the allotment to let off some steam. I wasn't sure what I would do but there is always something that needs doing but after the recent snow and then rain the ground was so soggy it was difficult to do anything. The girls were disappointed too because when they asked (water cans in hand) if there was anything that needed watering I replied with a rather an alarmed "No!".

Still, it didn't take long for me to find some old plants that needed tidying away and the girls came to inform me they were making pies. Later as I wrestled another enormous parsnip out of the sticky clay they told me they were planting trees. Then as I moved some cloches the girls were busing themselves making a magic potion. After about an hour later I felt I had had enough of struggling with the cold, wet clay soil conditions. The girls were throwing things at the witch in the hedge when I suggested we went home.

Back home the girls' energy levels had reduced sufficiently that they were content to do some quiet, calm colouring, whilst I flicked through last year's dairy. It reminded me that this time last year I had been out on the plot every weekend digging over the soil in bright, dry weather. I'd sown some broad bean seeds too before the end of February. That would clearly be a mistake this year so maybe I'll get some started in pots in my cold frame at the weekend.

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